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 Sapyog Event (Pvt) LTD is established in 2018 as an Event Planner to provide fabulous quality services towards client as per they expect. however due to the changing built environment and the growing needs of our Clients; it became necessary to broaden the services that could be provided by Sapyog Event, so as to offer multi-disciplinary event management consulting services,service providers, information technology (using latest event management software’s)are all in one banner to fulfill the clients necessities. Sapyog has continued to strive towards becoming a complete multi-disciplinary practice offering our Clients the specialist individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing Event environment. Sapyog sees teamwork on every event as the key success element and is responsible for creating this healthy environment. The over-all Event planner is duty-bound in ensuring efficient and regular communication to all concern persons at all levels. Sapyog believes in a hands-on approach on all Events. ...

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